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Bow, 1998

Individually made and distributed, BOW, was an edition of 48 letterpress multiples, each with a unique aspect, produced and distributed as part of “Bow-Sit-Kneel” multi-year project. BOW multiples were distributed to 48 people who I respect. On the rear of the affiliated 7’x3’ drawing, I list the individuals and explain why I respect them and the logic of the project.


FAR Archive CD, 1999

Foundation for Art Resources’ (FAR) 20th anniversary archive CD-Rom, Wherever You Find It, commissioned artists project “jewel case” concept, design and limited edition printing.


Roden Crater , 2002, edition of 150

Commissioned multiple for Jessica Irish and Stephen Metts, on the occasion of their wedding at James Turrell’s Roden Crater in Arizona. The multiple was created as an art object, inspired by Roden Crater, to celebrate Jessie and Stephen’s union. The piece includes a pin-hole sun viewer and instructions in amongst the visual riffs on celestial observation.


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