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Day Tripper


"Day Tripper" is an invitation to the viewer to reconsider the urban landscape in relation to perceptual phenomena, a site-specific work that maps cities according to the experience of natural and artificial light. 


Day Tripper is a multiple city (7 locations each) project that maps out accessible sources of mind-altering experiences found in the everyday environment. Responding to the energy of the particular locale, its population, architecture, and extra/ordinary movements, the project identifies alternative public social spaces and their potential for cultural resonance. It concerns ordinary (human-made and naturally occurring) sites in cities that inadvertently produce the effect of altering the observer’s brain waves towards a meditative or hyper-alert state. The effect is achieved through photic (light) stimulation. Light is calculated in cycles per second, referred to as hertz. Observed photic stimulation creates a sympathetic response on the part of the observer- the brain’s own hertz frequency responds in synchronization, down or up, towards levels associated, respectively, with rest or anxiety.

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