D is for Dump (money)


Part of a series of works that use historically noted tools of rebellion as foils to look at affect in relation to resistance, property, space, waste, attention, and currency. Like "Fountain (money)", "D is for Dump" remembers the coins thrown at police during the Stonewall Rebellion and features a turtle/tortoise as a protagonist avatar. "Dump" recalls the gambling game of pitching pennies (against a wall, into a hole or in a crack) often played by children in the 20th century. The game dates to at least the 18th century where dumps, roughly-cast lead blanks, were sometimes used in place of currency coins. The video features a period diagram for the dump mold, cavorting with contemporary models for the body (Twister) and mind (an Amplutihedron, an elegant geometric object, originally rendered by Andy Gilmore in 2013, that challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental components of reality). Together, along with various molten and crystallized materials, a disaffected tortoise, coins and their substitute undergo a re-evaluation.

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