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1994 – 1997

3 issues, edition 300-500 each, nationally distributed and reviewed

Publisher, co-editor (along with Ryan Hill and Kate Sorensen), primary designer and printer.

Joy, like our publication Lucky before it, was unique in its editorial attitude and form. With an underlying current of collaboration, each issue presents primarily original contributions from artists and writers on a theme. Most contributors are, or were, queer. As editors, we conceived and executed the issues with equal parts sincerity, humor, and criticality. The form of each issue directly reflects its theme, unconventionally packaging a combination paginated and fold-out format. With a liberal sprinkling of editorial moments in its visual appearance, Joy aims to be about its name.


Issue 1: Big Pack Attack

Issue 2: Alien Children

Issue 3: Pollyanna our friend: Bliss, beauty and the pursuit of sweetness

see pdf for full info and images


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