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LED animation on the face of 216 foot tall KPN Telecom building in Rotterdam, Mooi was included in Drive-In GIF Theater curated by the Graffiti Research Lab as part of the Rotterdam Art Fair, NL. The central text in the piece is "Alle Materie is Slim & Alles is Mooi", which is Dutch for "All Matter is Smart & Everything is Beautiful". 2007  


my clip is about 2.53 minutes into the rotation 

watch here




Terrazzo spins an open-ended tale of sidewalks, shelter, and shooting for the sky. The Hollywood Walk of Fame, with its terrazzo patterns in black and white and pink (stars), is the grounding of the piece. The infamous sidewalk uneasily welcomes incongruous users- those with dreams of celebrity, and those looking for a place to sleep. The animation imagines a 3D shelter built from the pink terrazzo star that takes on a cardboard lining or insulation. The immediate association is of humble street shelters scrapped together from cardboard. The 3D shelter spins in a sequence of naturally occurring light phenomena in the sky, gains a skylight, sheds its cardboard lining and finally, shoots itself off into the sky.            watch here


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