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My Pet Nose


My Pet Nose is a multi-phased visual work that employs the ideas of non-locality and morphic resonance to suggest and enact non-causal eruptions of form, behavior and knowledge. 2001-2003


The body of work consists of digitally made and outputted wall works in addition to adjunct projects posted on bus benches. My Pet Nose employs animal clairvoyance as the example and instrument of an action (“no nouns, only verbs”) privileged, morphically resonant environment.

Super-Non-Locality is an extension of the quantum physics theorem of Non-Locality. Classical physics states that physical reality is local--a point in space cannot influence another point beyond a relatively short distance. However, in 1997, experiments were conducted in which light particles (quantum level photons) originated under certain conditions and traveled separately in opposite directions to detectors located about seven miles apart. The amazing results indicated that the photons "interacted" or "communicated" with one another instantly, or "in no time." What was revealed in these little-known experiments was that physical reality is non-local.

In an earlier biological experiment dating from 1920, Harvard’s W. McDougall discovered that subsequent generations of rats learned more quickly to escape a water maze, and further, as time went on, rats all over the world with no relation to the original group were able to do this more quickly as well. There was no reasonable, biological, or causal explanation for the seemingly ‘learned’ behavior. This experiment with rat cognition and behavior suggests that forms pass knowledge on to subsequent forms through an unobservable field (existing alongside other like fields- electromagnetic, gravitational, quantum). This morphic field, elastic and resonant, has itself been theorized to be responsible for the surprising appearance of all form, including what we know as growth, intuition and knowledge.


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