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OnBoard & Awake

Streaming texts and illuminated conjunctions on the theme of consciousness. 

Broad ranging research from divergent fields produces revelations in everything from phenomenology to artificial intelligence.


Two tri-colored LED signboards display rotating text/animation sequences that behave as if in dialog or conversation with one another. The curated texts center on themes related to consciousness and its facets of attentiveness, perception, intentionality, phenomenology, and free will. Texts include excerpts from leading philosophers, neuroscientists, and poets. Interspersed among the texts are artists’ visual and textual projects that ‘perform’ moments of consciousness itself.


OnBoard and Awake was presented at the “Towards a Science of Consciousness 2004” conference in April, 2004, Tucson, Arizona, sponsored by the Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona, Tucson, and exhibited at the UCEN, UCSB, also in the Spring, 2004.


Curated by Laurel Beckman, participants include Beckman as well as Eric Beltz, Sophia Beauvy, Jill Kingdon, Alisa Ochoa, Joel Sherman, Jonathan Cecil, Ben Ritter, Tyler Stallings, Kate Sorensen, and Eli Neugeboren.


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“OnBoard”, a public project on a LED electronic sign, is concerned in equal measure with public address and poetic turns of language and meaning. 2003


OnBoard is an unusual collaboration between the Department of Art Studio, University of California Santa Barbara, and the UCSB Department of Transportation and Parking Services. Artists from the ranks of art faculty, students and staff, exhibit text based art projects on a continuously running LED electronic sign positioned at a central campus location.


Curated by Laurel Beckman, and with artists’ projects by Beckman, Megan Adie, Joanthan Cecil, Katrina McHugh, Eli Neugeboren, Ethan Kaplan, Sophia Beauvy, Lawrence Gipe and Allison Barnes, Jill Kingdon, Colin Shirek, McLain King, Pam Cash, Jonathan Gerken, Ryan Miller, and Joel Sherman.

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