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“Phantasm” is a multi-phase public art project on the dual themes of light and the affinity between life forms. All photography by Larry Ripple


Phantasm Phase 2 introduces a new suite of images, extending the original themes of light, vision, and affinity between life forms, into the four round light boxes installed along Strawberry Way in downtown Pittsburgh.

Produced in cooperation with the University of California Davis Veterinary Ophthalmology Service, Phase 2 presents retinal scans, taken with a veterinary fundus camera, of four animals: a dog, pig, bird, and horse.


A conceptual shift from the appearance of vision in Phase 1 (iris/pupil images taken from taxidermy glass eyes, whose function is to appear lifelike), the Phase 2 retina scans depict the generally unseen seat of vision in live animals. Moving from appearance to actuality, Phase 2 expands Phantasm’s concern with representation and reciprocal vision with in a public streetscape.

Phantasm 1, Phantasm 3

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