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SB Moves

Artist videos on gas pump-top screens, on view at 10 stations in Santa Barbara County. 

Pumpflix, Laurel Beckman, and the Department of Art at the University of California Santa Barbara, are pleased to present a unique collaboration in programming artist video content over dozens of pump-top displays at 10 gas stations in Santa Barbara County. Twenty short videos, created by UCSB affiliated artists especially for the occasion, will play in rotation amongst ads, news, weather reports, and community service posts. Streaming over the Pumpflix digital video network to an estimated audience of 200,000 viewers a month, an artist video screened every four minutes at each location. 

Featured artists: Yumi Kinoshita, Kathryn K. McCarthy, Lauren Norby, Tim Brown, Alejandro Casazi, Elizabeth Folk, Masha Lifshin, Nathan Hayden, Laurel Beckman, Hannah Rose Vainstein, Nicholas Loewen, Van Tran, Luke DePass, and Karen Spector.



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