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The 4 Conditions of Transformation Through Time


Transparency, Particle Excitation, Liminal Aspect, Thrust. 1999-2002

A multi-faceted digitally produced project featuring Event “posters”, Condition Columns, Control Towers, a souvenir tract (descriptive pamphlet that the viewer can take with them), and images of accessories to the travel. Science, speculation, promotion, fancy and transcendence mingle here in a collapse of the physical and metaphysical.

Equally invested in the power of images (to inspire, motivate, signify, and pleasure) and the power of the text (to imagine and legitimatize), the play of this project can be found in the individual components and in how they work together:


The Event images recall promotional posters, promising an event attainable through belief and will, with attention to the visual as catalyst. The accessories (Crystal Crowns, etc.) are depictions of objects of fancy and desire; promising gadgets that owe much to our relationship with material.

The Condition Columns elevate and honor the 4 Conditions in a manner that resembles a cross between the fetish of machine parts typography, while the all typographic Control Towers contain the letterforms of all four conditions. A souvenir text pamphlet is a take-home object that contains all the writing from the Event “posters”. (not posted here, yet)


The writing is an important part of the overall project; where ideas belonging to hard science are seamlessly interwoven with the speculative and faith-dependent metaphysical. As a souvenir, the pamphlet aspires to be a phenomenological tract and a do-it-yourself guide. The writing also appears as a dynamic text project published on-line, where it performs in two versions: fast forward and slow fade.


timetravel1 copy.jpg
timetravel3 copy.jpg
TimeTravel4 copy.jpg
timetravel7 copy.jpg
timetravel6 copy.jpg
timetravel5 copy.jpg
timetravel2 copy.jpg
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