Little West (Adam West, Mae West)


An elliptic journey through the mythologies of good and bad through the celebrated bodies and personas of Adam West (as Batman) and Mae West, themselves cast as avatars for the vantage of a small, ‘little’ west found on a traffic island off the 101 freeway in California. Long associated with expansion, optimism, progress and experimentation, the West is full of honorable and naughty souls. Little West offers a west in the form of a site that is both an oasis and isolated. Naturally occurring tar pit bubbles, grass vs weeds, balls of black and clear crystal suggest life cycles, revelation, and finally, the embrace of ‘and’ over duality.

thank you:
Google Earth
The Slow Mo Guys, Giant Bubbles Popping, excerpt, 2014
Adam West, “Kerb Drill With Batman” public safety ad excerpt, UK, 1967
Mae West newsreel interviews from her 1947 visit to the UK
Sextette, 1978 film, directed by Ken Hughes, Mae West’s final film, title sequence excerpt.

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