A triangulation of apophenia, the 21st century me generation, and the sur/real landscape of multiple perspectives and the mind. 

Apophenia, the spontaneous perception of connections and meaning in unrelated phenomena (e.g. seeing bunnies in clouds), originally considered an early stage of schizophrenia, now understood as a human tendency, is also the normal condition for daydreamers and artists of all kinds, including me. Me-centrism is a condition of much of todays social milieu. 

A local traffic island, seen in human, mechanical, and fantastical perspectives, is home to a recognition in the form of an unlikely face that becomes an instrument- neither mirror or other, closer to an id. MI, mi, mi. Do, re, mi, a system of learning musical scales, and a (Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein) tune from the musical, “The Sound of Music”, and dancing pavement rocks, help the mi feel in tune with its surrounding.

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