Moon (for Alan)


An abstract tribute to Alan Turing (1912 - 1954), British mathematician, computer scientist, cryptanalyst, philosopher, and gay icon. A pioneer of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence (A.I.), Turing was instrumental in breaking the German Enigma code, an elliptical language based encoder (in-out, out-in, repeat), leading to an Allied victory over Nazi Germany. In 1950 he published a theoretical paper outlining an 'imitation game' for comparing human and machine outputs, now called the Turing Test. Later in life he turned to the understanding, through computing, of biological patterns in nature, followed by his criminal conviction of homosexuality, with court mandated chemical castration, and eventual suicide. As played out through A.I. and machine learning, the ongoing negotiation of what it means to be human features desire and will as precarious tethers to humans and machines on all spectrums.

thank you: Redpepper, A.I. "There's Waldo" to test the capabilities of Google's new AutoML Vision service, August 2018

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