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Will (a love story)


2 holes in hybrid built/natural forms, 5 form-fluid avatars, some brass knuckles and a couple of departing bugs make up the primary cast of unlikely participants in a meditation on human and other powered willful forces. Telekinesis, geotropism, anarchic particles, and the trickster known as desire collaborate in the search for connection and purpose. Audio includes bat echolocation and distressed rat sounds. This is Will, part 1.

additional audio credits, thank you:

Pia Palme, Vienna, Austria, HOMMAGE TO HILDEGARD I- 'This music was performed solo and unplugged with the contrabassflute, during a cold clear night, the moon shining, high up in the mountains of Tyrol, Austria, in a tiny baroque chapel in the woods. I stayed there for some days to practice music in solitude, enjoying the silence around and the acoustics of the place. The wooden floor acted as an amplifier of my instrument, which is 2 meters high stands on the floor. Having recorded the piece, I found out that it was the name day of composer Hildegard von Bingen, so I dedicated the piece to this remarkable woman'. 2013 CC


Victoria Oruwari, soprano performing 'All I Ask of You' from Phantom of the Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber & Richard Stilgoe, on 'All Together Now: The Final', BBC 2018

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