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Your Urban Oasis


Your Urban Oasis imagines an alternative housing solution consisting of small domes made from coconuts. Inspired in part by Dome Village (1993-2006), a self-governing homeless encampment in downtown Los Angeles, YUO suggests the improbable but possible. An interventionist project, YUO banners are placed on development construction fencing, in some cases with plaster models of the coconut domes placed nearby. Both sublime and nutty, YUO spins notions of community, architecture, street culture, development economics and advertising. 

Founded by activist Ted Hayes, Dome Village comprised 20 geodesic dome dwellings designed by Craig Chamberlain. A small but thriving community located in the elbow of 8th Place near the 110 freeway in LA, Dome Village was a model solution to difficult housing problems. Residents were evicted in 2006 to make room for development. Years later the site remains undeveloped, a virtual ghost town, and hosts the base installment of Your Urban Oasis in addition to a few wandering souls.


visit YUO's sister project, The Biggest Seed Fruit Nut in the World



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